Blue Mosque at night, Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

This is an older picture that I have ignored in the past, but thought I’d do a black and white conversion on it and see what happened.

I love the architectural details and textures, and felt that it was worth doing a black and white conversion.

Compositionally, I like to isolate objects, and with this I zoomed in in order to remove the outline of the building so I could focus attention on the details…which I suppose is kind of isolating an element or elements from a much wider scene.

Anyway, I much prefer the black and white version over the original version which was illuminated at night, and so looked very orange with black shadows.

After dark..

Photography and words by
Bath, Somerset, England

Bath Abbey, England, UK

I love cities after dark. This photo was taken in Bath in Somerset, England. It depicts Bath Abbey lit at night.

Normally I’d leave the colour alone in a photo like this, as the yellows, oranges and dark blue sky usually have a pleasing visual effect.

I decided on a black and white conversion for this in an attempt to bring out some of that architectural detail that looks so good in the artificial street lights so that you can see all the textures and curves.

ff St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, England, UK

Another photograph taken about a while ago one summer, I suppose another ‘rediscovered’ photo that needed post-processing.

With this composition I wanted a higher tide as I wanted something to resemble those National Trust photographs, with the long exposure dawn shots with a blue/purple warmly lit sea gently lapping against the cobblestone causeway that leads to the ‘Mount’ in the distance.

My own photography has moved on since then, and I am no longer (so much) in awe of those classic shots. I just turn up and photograph what I see….And so, over time, these less glamorous shots with a harsh rocky foreground rather than a smooth long exposure sea foreground, are back in my good books!

It’s not that I didn’t like this photo, because I did. I have never thought any ill of it! But it didn’t have the same serene feel of those long exposure classics. In fact, I have been back a few times and never seen those classic conditions for that classic photo.

Not that I ever made the effort to wait for those ‘perfect’ conditions, so I can’t complain!