En-route to Bala in Wales

Photography and words by
View towards Bala, Wales

View towards Bala, Wales

This is the view from a country road heading towards the town of Bala in Wales. Taken on the same trip as the Peak District photos, a few weeks apart from each other.

I was cycle touring and looking for a place to sleep…I was prompted to stop because of the wonderful views, and at the same time I spotted a pine forest to my right with a gravel road leading into it. When you are on a bike and you want to take photos, there is not the time to amble into a town, find a place to stay, and come back again to take some photos. And that is partly the fun and enjoyment of cycling, you can stop…take a load of photos, often in a place where you would never spend much time or even stop. Then when the sun is going down, just pitch a tent for a nights kip and amble into town the next morning….hell for some, I admit…but heaven for others!

Words and photographs written and created by Tony Eveling.

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10 thoughts on “En-route to Bala in Wales

  1. Steven

    Beautiful vista that you’ve captured here!! I love the definition and dimension that the clouds have, along with the subtle fog that covers the landscape, giving nice depth to this composition.


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