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Photographs where architecture features prominently in the photograph. My photographic emphasis is composition. All my photographs are original in the sense of the composition. So these architectural shots are an interpretation unique to a moment. I don’t deliberately apply a set composition to any image, although sometimes I do for aesthetic reasons.

Corfe Castle at dawn

Photography and words by
corfe castle at dawn. Dorset, England, UK

Long time, no post!

But I will start to put that right from now on…in fact, I’ll probably bore you silly!!

Here’s a photo taken in May, of Corfe Castle in Dorset silhouetted against a dawn sky.

I’ve never been at Corfe castle when it’s been misty, so I have never been able to take one of those wow factor photos of the castle on a misty morning.

So, as I wandered around aimlessly, dreaming of mist and missed opportunities, I popped my head over a gate and saw a rather stumpy looking castle ruin against the dawn sky.

I wrote it off at the time as I could only see mist in my minds eye….but looking at it with fresh eyes, I like it more now than I did then. And with a little polish in post processing, the dawn sky lights up very nicely….

The red door….

Photography and words by
Red door in a backstreet in Antwerp, Belgium

Red door in a backstreet in Antwerp, Belgium

A door in Antwerp…not much of a subject!! But I liked the grunginess and small details of the door and concrete surroundings. There were loads of flats and other buildings in a terraced row that all had letters hanging out of the letterboxes.

I have no idea if these dwellings were commercial or residential, but they looked deserted and there were no people around. It was a quiet sidestreet and it fascinated me with all the envelopes stuffed into letterboxes, none of which picked up by anybody…..

From a photography point of view I put this through Nik’s HDR Efex pro 2 even though this is a single image. I was able to emphasise the detail, even-up any unevenness in the exposure and dull down the colour a bit whilst upping the contrast a little, all in about a 30 second post processing session…That’s why I love Nik software!!

Reflection on a Cobbled road,Bruges, Belgium

Reflection on a Cobbled sidestreet,Bruges, Belgium

Bruges in Belgium has some wonderful side streets, full of independent shops selling everything under the sun..!

But for this photo all I needed to do was to look down!! In winter there are always puddles on cobbled’s a certaintly. So look down as well as up!

Although this is a single image, I put it throught HDR Efex Pro, because I wanted to emphasize all those intricate little details from the cobbles and the reflection.