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Dawn coastline

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Swanage Bay, Dorset, England, UK Dorset coastline at dawn, England, UK

A beautiful dawn scene along the Dorset coastline. It’s always a pleasant mystery as to what nature will provide in a scene like this. One of the great things about photography is that it gives you the perfect excuse to just sit and watch!

The colours change constantly as the clouds move in the wind and change shape. The temparature changes too as the sun rises, and nothing stays the same for very long.

I love the interaction here between the clouds and the light, the beautiful subtle colours of the dawn light. Nothing spectacular, and that is what is so pleasant…

I love the silence too…not even an early morning dog walker, just the gentle lapping of the sea against the shoreline…

River Arun, Littlehampton, England,UK River Arun, Littlehampton, England, UK

What struck me about this scene was the vapour trails from aircraft passing over. There was no sign of any planes, just dozens of vapour trails…..

It’s the composition that caught my eye. This stillness in the air allowed some early morning mist to hang in the distance, and the surface of the river was very still.

It’s not a spectacular sight, but it was just a moment that made me stop and look….this area is a mixture of industrial shipyards and other messy bricks and mortar stuff, and nature areas, beaches and protected sand dunes…and the most vapour trailed sky that I have ever seen!!

Dawn, West Sussex

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View towards Arundel, West Sussex at dawn, England, UK

View towards Arundel, West Sussex at dawn, England, UK

I love the atmosphere on an early spring morning…there is still a chill in the air that will diminish as the sun comes up…and everything is fresh and new.

This is a view across farmers fields towards Arundel in West Sussex. Taken at dawn in spring, the Sun is just about to peep over the horizon to my right.