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Abandoned old barge, Norfolk coastline, Norfolk, England, UK Abandoned boat, North Norfolk coastline, England, UK

I walked past this old boat one evening, and had to photograph it!! I don’t know what the history of this boat is, but it’s been out of service for quite some time!!

It was also a beautiful, calm summers evening too, when I tool this, with wonderful, subtle skies and the lowering sun.

The boat is situated on salt marshes, which fills with seawater during high tide. There are many moored boats along the coastline both in service, as well as these old abandoned jobbies. They all make great photographic subjects….

Chesil beach

Photography and words by
Chesil beach, Isle of Portland, Dorset, UK Chesil beach,UK

A peaceful evening at Chesil beach…There have been svere storms here recently…but all is calm now!

Just a simple composition with the buildings on the horizon providing some scale. Chesil beach is a strange formation as it is a beach that has a lagoon behind it so it is a beach surrounded by water!

Anyway, it was a peaceful evening with lovely skies….and that is all that mattered to me!

Hungary/Slovakia border

Hungary/Slovakia border

Another day, another cycling trip. This was a spot I found to pitch my tent in between a couple of fields where I was sheltered by trees.

In this photograph I am just inside the Slovakia border, and I stopped because the road network took a turn for the worst (suddenly got busy and complicated), and as I was so close to the Hungary border, and as it was getting late…and as it was really, really cold….I decided to call it a day and struggle through the complicated road network with a fresh head and renewed enthusiasm after a good nights sleep…

Anyway, needless to say I survived!!