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Sunset photos,East sussex, England, UK Sunset, East Sussex, England, UK

Well, you can’t get enough sunset photos! That’s what I say anyway!! This was taken somewhere in the South Downs, on the road that leads into Brighton. I saw the view beyond the hills that you see on the right was about to fall out of view as I headed south, so I stopped for a break to see if there were any compositions to be had…

This was a bracketed shot with the idea of merging them in HDR software…but with this composition I thought it suited being underexposed and then using photoshop just to bring out the highlights in the grassy area in the foreground.

From a technical photography point of view it reinforces what I have always said, and that is…if it looks right, then it is right. Which ties in with my own view that there is no such thing as a ‘correct’ exposure. What you see in this photograph isn’t what I saw when I was there as it is underexposed as part of a series of bracketed shots…but it is what I liked the best when I saw my raw files back home on the computer….

Wiltshire countryside, England, UK

I’ve got a sizeable backlog of images that I want to put on my website…and this is one of them…taken as spring was about to leap into action…it’s another one of those ordinary images that in the old days would be put into a dusty shoe box and forgotten about!

But I never take a photo for the sake of it…and so, like yesterdays image…fresh eyes can see something that stale eyes don’t!

Anyway, I brightened up the foreground, and dragged out some of that cloud detail in the bright morning sky….and now I quite like it…so in the gallery it goes