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Abandoned old barge, Norfolk coastline, Norfolk, England, UK Abandoned boat, North Norfolk coastline, England, UK

I walked past this old boat one evening, and had to photograph it!! I don’t know what the history of this boat is, but it’s been out of service for quite some time!!

It was also a beautiful, calm summers evening too, when I tool this, with wonderful, subtle skies and the lowering sun.

The boat is situated on salt marshes, which fills with seawater during high tide. There are many moored boats along the coastline both in service, as well as these old abandoned jobbies. They all make great photographic subjects….

Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, UK Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, UK

I took this photo whilst wandering around aimlessly around the town of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, a small island off the south coast of England.

I liked the symmetry of the yachts as they sailed by. There was a constant stream of boats, sometimes filling the bottom half of this composition with those little white and red triangles from the sails.

I loved the cloud formation in the sky too. Splitting the frame in half allowed the patterns made by the soft clouds to sit nicely against the patterns made by the ripples in the sea’s surface.

Back in photoshop I applied a subtle-ish HDR effect using Nik Software. And using their ‘structure’ facility I was able to bring out the subtle details of the ripples in the sea. All of that enhanced those lovely textures in both the sea and sky.

Corfe Castle at dawn

Photography and words by
corfe castle at dawn. Dorset, England, UK

Long time, no post!

But I will start to put that right from now on…in fact, I’ll probably bore you silly!!

Here’s a photo taken in May, of Corfe Castle in Dorset silhouetted against a dawn sky.

I’ve never been at Corfe castle when it’s been misty, so I have never been able to take one of those wow factor photos of the castle on a misty morning.

So, as I wandered around aimlessly, dreaming of mist and missed opportunities, I popped my head over a gate and saw a rather stumpy looking castle ruin against the dawn sky.

I wrote it off at the time as I could only see mist in my minds eye….but looking at it with fresh eyes, I like it more now than I did then. And with a little polish in post processing, the dawn sky lights up very nicely….