Clock seller in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Clockeseller in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Clockeseller in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

A dip into the archives for something a bit less snowy!! The hot sweaty streets of Kolkata in India to be exact. I was actually drinking a coke in a cafe opposite the clock shop and I saw this composition, so I put a 200mm lens on and snapped this.

Generally speaking, Kolkata is a very safe place to take photographs, I was able to wander around, camera in hand and not feel threatened in any way. And people were perfectly happy to have their picture taken. The cups of sweet tea served in disposable clay cups were delicious and were available everywhere, so there was always an opportunity to take a rest around every street corner.

22 thoughts on “Clock seller in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

  1. Markus Spring

    Aah – fond memories of India. Those I have, too (despite of India causing a mixed bag of feelings) And I like the very compressed perspective of the long focal length here, almost making a flat poster of the scenery.

  2. gootchai

    J’adore+++++ cette photo elle retrace vraiment bien l’ambiance de là-bas et j’adore le personnage à droite qui est très appliqué et il louche !! 5*****

    1. Tony Post author

      Yes, I agree it’s a great place for photography. What I found was that people were happy to be photographed as long as you are up front about it, and they carried on doing what they were doing, ignoring the camera. And that made it very easy to take photos that looked very natural.

  3. matt

    Great candid shot. I needed a couple of looks to realise what was going on, especially the chap on the right! Really good capture and well spotted.


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