Zizkov Television tower, Prague

It is said in Prague, that the best views of the city can be had from the Zizkov Television tower. They say that because it's the only place where you can't see the Zizkov television tower!

The tower is visible from all vantage points around the city, so no one can miss it. The tower was built during the communist era and was surrounded by all sorts stories about it's real use. Spying, monitoring, that sort of sinister communist thing that governments did in those days.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the dislike of the building by many residents in Prague. So, when Czech Republic sculpture and artist David Cerny had a job lot of giant baby sculptures going spare, the people of Prague spoke. And now the giant baby sculptures adorn the sides of the Television tower. From a distance they look like ants crawling up the building....Close up they look like creepy babies with smashed in faces crawling relentlessy up the building, stopping at nothing, zombie like! I personally don't mind the television tower, and I think it was worth building it in the eighties if only so that in the future it could be decorated with giant baby sculptures.