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Part 6 of 8….If you engage with an environment that you are photographing…then why use the photography to create a narrative of some kind by using a series of photographs…

Single images should be strong and should stand out on their own, all brash and confident!

If you engage with an environment or the people in the environment and you are creating strong individual images, then going through the images there will be a range of different photos of differing strengths that could provide a narrative for a place or people.

But a series doesn’t have to have a deep and meaningful message. Whatever it becomes it should be personal to you.

Doing this will also help you think about your photography and give you more ideas for future projects

Pedestrian in a Prague underpass, Czech Republic
Pedestrian in a Prague underpass, Czech Republic

Part 6 of a series of 8 articles that are non technical, that describe my own attitude to photography. My aim is to reinforce the fact that photography in all its forms and formats is fun, highly creative, enjoyable and rewarding. From HDR to smartphones to instagram to large format black and white….Find a little corner that fits your personality and lifestyle…and allow your unique creativity to flourish

I am not a photojournalist, so I am not really that inclined to tell someone’s story in a series of pictures. But I do absolutely love photographing the world around me.

We all get to a place or location and snap away, taking loads of images. In the past I haven’t really sorted them into any kind of order, I just take each photo as a separate item.

But sometimes a group of images can collectively look greater than the sum of it’s parts. A single image could be very well composed and technically perfect, but may not hold the viewers attention.

Editing a collection of images from the same place, but sufficiently different, could tell a story of that location. Not necessarily in any great profound way, but just from an artistic point of view.

I have a number of series of images that I have edited from photography that I have taken at various locations around the world.

An exercise like this gives you a second chance at looking at your images, it will help you see them a little differently to when you first saw them. And you may see something completely new in them.

In the footer section of my website there is a heading called ‘Series’.All the links under that heading go to a page of images each of which are a series of related images. Sometimes I also tell a story with the images.

The six images below are a set of images from my daily walk into central Prague in Czech Republic. They were taken over the few days I was there.

Individually they are fairly nondescript single images. But I like them much more as a series. They are by no means spectacular in any way whatsoever, but it was fun to edit the many that I had into the final six that you see here.

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