Landscape photographers – Don’t be intimidated by other photographers

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Words/photographs: Tony Eveling

Part 7 of 8….Develop your photography at your own speed. Use other photography as inspiration but don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by it. With practice and an open mind anyone can create visually exciting photographs.

It’s easy for beginners or occasional photographers to look at the photography of accomplished photographs, and think that they will never achieve the same level as them.

But many of those accomplished photographers were also beginners just a few years ago. And the photography that you see is the photography that they want you to see.

If you could look at their rejects, or look at what they were producing when they first picked up a camera, you would feel much more confident about your own development as a photographer.

Landscape photographers – Don’t be intimidated by other photographers
Sahara Desert, Mauritania
Cow on the beach, Gambia, West Africa
Cow on the beach, Gambia, West Africa

Part 7 of a series of 8 articles that are non technical, that describe my own attitude to photography. My aim is to reinforce the fact that photography in all its forms and formats is fun, highly creative, enjoyable and rewarding. From HDR to smartphones to instagram to large format black and white….Find a little corner that fits your personality and lifestyle…and allow your unique creativity to flourish

Every individual has a unique way of seeing the world whether they own a camera or not.

That unique-ness also translates into photography – into your photography. That ‘unique way’ is called talent. Your talent.

What a beginner needs to do is learn how to tap into that talent, and when you do you will begin to create photography that is just as accomplished as others that you may at this moment, look up to.

Technical knowledge, practice, experience and talent when combined will grow someone into a good photographer, and everyone has those qualities already, or the potential to acquire those qualities.

I cannot emphasise it enough….the talent bit is already there. You already have your own moments of inspiration. We all have that. You just need the technical know how and experience to turn those moments into an aesthetically pleasing photos.

So just get out there and photo!

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  • Very nicely said and very encouraging, too! My personal aim is to improve my photography, not to have my pictures look like someone else’s, nor to become a professional photographer.
    As you said, everyone sees the world differently, and in the beginning I was always thinking “what if the people looking at my pictures can’t see what I see?” Nowadays, I know I take pictures for myself, can see a development, and if someone else can see that, too, that’s nice.

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