I am a spontaneous photographer. And I only truly know what I like after I’ve seen it.

It’s that moment that we all have from time to time when we say something like; “…wow…I bet that would make a good photograph..!”. Those are moments that we all have, whether we are professional photographers or a dog walker on  with a smartphone…

I got into photography as a backpacker and then cycletourist. So I started learning without the aid of the internet or photography magazines. I found that I really enjoyed the process of taking photos, and when I got home I found that my photos were liked by everyone I showed them too.

My photographic style developed naturally and I learnt how to photograph spontaneously in new places (as a backpacker) as well as to plan ahead for that killer landscape or long-exposure beach scene.

Seeing the photograph is the creative bit, the difficult bit….that moment of inspiration But photography is nothing without good composition, and that is the disciplined bit.

Slow down, work out exactly what it is that would make a good photograph, remove all the other bits and arrange what’s left in an aesthetically pleasing way in the frame.

You have control, It’s just you and the camera, nothing else matters.

Occasionally I scout a location, armed with a pre-determined composition and lie in wait for the right light. But for me, the real challenge of photography is to wander around the world, gratefully accepting what the landscape and weather offer me at any given time. I might find a beach in the rain, a mountain at mid day or a great city with bad weather. I look for those moments of inspiration like the “I bet that would make a good photo” moment, and I dig out a spontaneous and original composition that in the final photo attempts to draw you in and tell a story.

However ‘mundane’ the subject I always attempt to make photos that invite you to look for as long as you want at a single moment captured.

My images are regularly licenced around the world for use in advertising and also for editorial use in newspapers and magazines. They are also sold as high quality limited edition prints, open edition prints and greetings cards and have been sold many thousands of times in this format. I am constantly updating my collection of images.

My images have been used by hundreds of businesses, including the BBC, advertising agencies both large and small such as Saatchi and Saatchi. As well as National Geographic Online, National Geographic Traveler magazine, The Guardian newspaper, The Times, Observer, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Washington Post…to name but a few.

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