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On this website you’ll find photography tips and tuition articles to help explain landscape and outdoors photography to the beginner and beyond.

Everyone teaches and talks about the rule of thirds, but no one explains why it works, how it works, or even does it work…but you will find all of that and more, right here on my website.

As for me….I am a spontaneous photographer, and I only truly know what I like when I see it.

Something that I call the ‘moment of inspiration’ is the most important part of a photo.

Every photo you take should be a response to a ‘moment of inspiration’

I got into photography whilst backpacking and cycletouring around the world.

I learnt how to photograph spontaneously in new places as a backpacker, as well as to plan ahead for that killer landscape or long-exposure beach scene.

Photography is nothing without good composition. That’s what I teach in real life, and this is the advice that you will read in my blog posts here.

Composing a shot is everything, slow down, work out exactly what it is that would make a good photograph, follow your instinct and never deviate from that ‘moment of inspiration’.

Let the ‘moment’ draw you in.

I dig out spontaneous and original compositions that attempt to draw you in and tell a story.

However ‘mundane’ the subject I always attempt to make photos that invite you into the photo.

This website exists to show these photos off as well as teach photographers how to become spontaneous and creative photographers.

My images are regularly licenced around the world for use in advertising and also for editorial use in newspapers and magazines.

They are also sold as high quality limited edition prints, open edition prints and greetings cards and have been sold many thousands of times in this format.

I am constantly updating my collection of images.

My images have also been used by hundreds of businesses, including the BBC and advertising agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi.

National Geographic Online, National Geographic Traveler magazine, The Guardian newspaper, The Times, Observer, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Washington Post have all used my images in their publications.

Moody and atmospheric photograph of a road at dusk in the Welsh countryside

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Photograph of Swanage bay in Dorset
This is an example of a photo taken in the day, that has been converted to night time in Photoshop
Black and white conversion. Narrow country lane in the Devon Countryside,
Black and white conversion of an image taken in Norfolk of people playing on the beach. The motion blur in the clouds and sea has been created in Photoshop
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