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Rapeseed oil field and electricity cables, Devon, England, UK

Rapeseed oil field and electricity cables, Devon, England, UK

This was taken during the last hour or so of light in the day, and I was cycling back to my campsite. The air was so still cycling through the rolling hills, and for the most part when I am cycling along narrow countrylanes I don’t see photo compositions appear in front of me.

But when I do see a potential composition I will always stop, and this was one such moment…

It’s interesting though, because I was actually hoping for the spectacular sunset…that wonderful golden hour light….but clouds had rolled in and obscured any colour or vibrancy…

I was still inspired though, to stop and take this shot, which just appeared out of nowhere as I trundled along.

Now, having ignored it for a while and now eventually post-processing it, I quite like it, far more so than I liked it at the time….so it’s interesting that what I saw on the road at the time…which I then didn’t see back home on the computer….and then did see after I had a go at post processing it…

Photography inspiration works in mysterious and unique ways…that’s all that I can conclude from all this!

Anyway, after all that…here it is for all to see…

Countrylane near Devizes, Wiltshire

Countrylane, near Devizes, Wiltshire

Sunset along a country lane…

This is another view taken on a bicycle, just ambling through the country lanes, avoiding the large roads…and it’s as if no one live in the UK!!

These country lanes are always empty of traffic and are heaven for a cycletourist…and then every now and then a view presents itself, like this one….and that makes photography very easy.

Even if you saw a view in a car whilst whizzing around this bend….would you have stopped a car to take the picture? I can only say that I probably wouldn’t…this view is not spectacular enough to stop, park, get out….blah blah blah…too much hassle..! But not on a bicycle….stopping to take a photograph is a very nice excuse to stop and have a rest, as well as take in the atmosphere and just breathe in the fresh air……

Somewhere near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

Lone figure looking out to sea.  Kessingland, Suffolk, England

Lone figure looking out to sea.

I love beach scenes because it’s a minimalist landscape and allows the photographer to concentrate on single elements, and in this photo I was inspired to take a photo because of the figure in the distance, engulfed by sky and sand.

I love the mood and atmosphere of a beach, and they are places of freedom. You can play an impromptu game of football on it or play catch with a frisbee….and there are never any ‘no ball games’ (well, not usually!)

They are places where you can be on your own and be disturbed by no one. You can have a picnic on your own or with friends…and no one will move you on or disturb you.

They are places of nature where town planners have been told to keep away, so the beaches belong to everyone, and that’s why I love the beach.