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Cornwall coastline,England,UK

Cornwall coastline, England,UK

Dusk over the Atlantic Ocean…

This is sundown last year (almost exactly a year ago today). I love the darkness that washes over the landscape when the sun goes down.

All the heat is taken out of the air, and the birds have gone home to roost…and any hikers and walkers have scrambled off home, leaving only the peace and quiet…and the gentle lapping of the sea against the rocks

The actual location is The cornwall coastline, not far from Sennen. This was taken from the South West Coastal Path…and you can plonk yourself just about anywhere at this time of day and squeeze out a photograph!

ff St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, England, UK

Another photograph taken about a while ago one summer, I suppose another ‘rediscovered’ photo that needed post-processing.

With this composition I wanted a higher tide as I wanted something to resemble those National Trust photographs, with the long exposure dawn shots with a blue/purple warmly lit sea gently lapping against the cobblestone causeway that leads to the ‘Mount’ in the distance.

My own photography has moved on since then, and I am no longer (so much) in awe of those classic shots. I just turn up and photograph what I see….And so, over time, these less glamorous shots with a harsh rocky foreground rather than a smooth long exposure sea foreground, are back in my good books!

It’s not that I didn’t like this photo, because I did. I have never thought any ill of it! But it didn’t have the same serene feel of those long exposure classics. In fact, I have been back a few times and never seen those classic conditions for that classic photo.

Not that I ever made the effort to wait for those ‘perfect’ conditions, so I can’t complain!