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Two fishermen at dusk

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Two fishermen at dusk, West Runto, near Cromer, Norfolk, England, UK

Two fishermen at dusk, West Runton, Noerfolk, England

Two fishermen fishing at dusk.

These two looked like they were settled inside their waterproof waders for the foreseeable future as they cast their lines out as the night drew in.

Minutes before, the beach was awash with sounds of children and families playing…and then, just like birds roosting…they all disappeared…leaving the fishermen and the photographers!

And a few minutes later it was dark….so I have no idea if they caught anything…..

Walkers in a snow covered Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK

I dug this photo out after visiting the photofriday website….with this weeks topic of ‘on a walk’. I knew I had this image but was surprised I had not uploaded it to this blog.

Anyway, here it is, and it was taken in March 2013, when, instead of the temperature beginning to rise into double figures due to it being the beginning of spring….the temperature instead went down to minus 10 degrees…which is crazy for this time of year in the south of England.

It was however, a fantastic opportunity to photograph Epping Forest covered in such deep snow. I love the silent atmosphere of snow scenes, which I presume happens because the snow adsorbs so much ambient sound.

This was taken with a 100mm lens and is a multiple image stitched panoramic. I saw this image in my minds eye, and the only way to take it without seriously cropping a single image, was to create a multiple image panoramic and stitch it in Hugin software.

Little boy and family

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Little boy and his family in the Volta region of Ghana, West Africa Little boy and family, Volta region, Ghana, West Africa

This is one from the archives that I haven’t posted here before….it has been uploaded to my gallery and one day I will create a gallery page specifically for travel images….

Well, I posted this for the photofriday challenge…link in the footer of this page…for the topic of ‘home’. It’s a good little project that encourages creating some new photography based on a theme, or to re-discover some older images.

This photo was taken during a cycle touring trip. This photo was taken just after leaving a small grocery store having filled up with ice cold fizzy pop!! This family were happy for me to take their photo and the boy was perfectly happy watching the world go by perched on the window frame!