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Cornwall coastline,England,UK

Cornwall coastline, England,UK

Dusk over the Atlantic Ocean…

This is sundown last year (almost exactly a year ago today). I love the darkness that washes over the landscape when the sun goes down.

All the heat is taken out of the air, and the birds have gone home to roost…and any hikers and walkers have scrambled off home, leaving only the peace and quiet…and the gentle lapping of the sea against the rocks

The actual location is The cornwall coastline, not far from Sennen. This was taken from the South West Coastal Path…and you can plonk yourself just about anywhere at this time of day and squeeze out a photograph!

Lone figure walking along the beach

Lone figure on the beach, Ostend, Belgium

I had previous ignored this image. I don’t know why, so I casually processed it almost on auto pilot and was happily impressed with the richness of the yellows when I increased the contrast.

I do love beaches as I’ve already said…they are so peaceful. This one had a biting wind that whipped up the sand and flung it everywhere!

By the end of the day I had a very rough face…Free exfoliation!

Anyway…There were loads of people on the beach and I had to wait for groups of people to leave until I got this one with the lone figure.

I took quite a few photos from this stretch of coastline, so I will post them up here over the coming days. They are all sort of ‘unglamorous’ middle of the day beach photos that I thought had atmosphere at the time, and needed a bit of work on the computer to bring out that atmosphere.

On another note, I have a couple of free ebooks up on the website…one of them is about how I compose my images…which I am adapting into a series of blog posts on my other wordy blog, so you can read stuff there…or download it from here for free to read the whole thing in one go.

Lone figure looking out to sea.  Kessingland, Suffolk, England

Lone figure looking out to sea.

I love beach scenes because it’s a minimalist landscape and allows the photographer to concentrate on single elements, and in this photo I was inspired to take a photo because of the figure in the distance, engulfed by sky and sand.

I love the mood and atmosphere of a beach, and they are places of freedom. You can play an impromptu game of football on it or play catch with a frisbee….and there are never any ‘no ball games’ (well, not usually!)

They are places where you can be on your own and be disturbed by no one. You can have a picnic on your own or with friends…and no one will move you on or disturb you.

They are places of nature where town planners have been told to keep away, so the beaches belong to everyone, and that’s why I love the beach.