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Road Trip

Photography and words by
Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, UK

Blandford Forum High Street, Dorset, England, UK

This photograph was taken whilst cycletouring through Dorset in England and beyond…which is why I have submitted it to the photofriday photo challenge, whose subject this week is ‘road trip’.

This photograph is really just a snap, taken whilst stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of the day….I think everyone in the town and on a lunch break, had decided to get in their cars and drive….!

So, idling away the time whilst resting my weary limbs on a traffic island in the middle of the gridlocked road, I pointed my camera slightly upwards to avoid the eyesore of the cars, and captured the rooftops and tower against a rather bland sky.

I quite liked the composition though….and although the sky was featureless, it is amazing how much detail is sitting there waiting to be utilised should the photographer so wish.

Anyway…this is my road trip…or at least one of many photos from my many little road trips on my bicycle that I embark on from time to time…

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Detailing of Arhitecture in Dunkirke, France

Architecture in Dunkirke, France

This was taken on a dull afternoon in Dunkirke, and I suppose it was a day when architectural details like this stood out quite well.

The mid-afternoon light was diffused by the clouds that covered the sky horizon to horizon, and it was easy to put the camera away on account of the ‘poor’ light.

But it was the architectural lumps and bumps that caught my eye, especially with the newer building in the center of the frame with its curved edge on one side. That newer building contrasts very well with the older architecture.

And so, considering all that, I pointed the camera up slightly and zoomed in, so that all the cars and people disappeared and I had a nice, simple and clean composition

In post processing, I darkened the sky and lightened the buildings to direct the eye exactly where I wanted, and removed the colour.

Without the black and white conversion this image has very little impact. Now though, it very accurately depicts what I saw in my minds eye when I took the image.

Blue Mosque at night, Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

This is an older picture that I have ignored in the past, but thought I’d do a black and white conversion on it and see what happened.

I love the architectural details and textures, and felt that it was worth doing a black and white conversion.

Compositionally, I like to isolate objects, and with this I zoomed in in order to remove the outline of the building so I could focus attention on the details…which I suppose is kind of isolating an element or elements from a much wider scene.

Anyway, I much prefer the black and white version over the original version which was illuminated at night, and so looked very orange with black shadows.