Creatively Composed 

A step by step guide to good composition

Creatively Composed 4. Compositional balance and the rule of thirds

This post describes the last two techniques or rules that all photographers use to create

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Geometry, diagonals and leading lines in photography

Previously I talked about compositional balance and visualization, but how do structures like geometry, lines,

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Introduction to composition in photography

The root of all photography is composition. This post is the first post of a

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Methods for visualizing a photograph

Once you have worked out why and how the  ‘rule of thirds’ works, the next thing

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The 3 most important compositional ‘rules’ in photography, and the ‘rule of thirds’

3 of the most important compositional techniques, employed by all photographers in one form or

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What are the compositional rules of photography?

Composition is about technique, not rules. It’s now time in this series to explain what

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