to help improve your photography

8 non-technical articles to help you be more creative.

Put the camera manual down for a moment and read about some of the things I wish I’d known and realised when I first picked up a camera with serious intent.

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About the book

Title: 8 Articles to help improve your photography
Author: Tony Eveling

Due to quite a bit of interest in how I take my images from the very nice people who say nice things about my photography, I thought I’d write a few personal photography things that I would have liked to have been told when I became serious about photography about ten years or so ago

The book contains 8 tips or articles that are non-technical in nature, that explain my outlook on photography and how I use composition, as well as my thoughts and my own attitudes towards HDR photography, Instagram, Photoshop and other photo manipulation software and how I incorporate them all into my photography.

When I wrote these articles, I wanted to write something that was personal to my photography, that explains my personal take. I want to get away from the dry boring technical explanations that are already available all over the internet. Wikipedia is your friend if you want a technical explanation of the rule of thirds.

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Fixed and spontaneous compositions

Local knowledge and not local knowledge

Don’t be a photography snob

Use every trick in the book

Use techniques not rules

Create a series of images

Don’t be intimidated by other photographers

If it looks right, it is right

Over 6500 words

25 pages

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40 photos with explanations

Photographs and words by Tony Eveling

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