A better camera will not improve your photography, but better composition will. If you like my photographs, this ebook tells you exactly how I create them.

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Improve your photography, not your camera…it’s both rewarding and cheap!

Photography is composition, and your camera is just a tool. A camera alone cannot make a great photo. Only your compositional skills can do that.

Concentrating on my own personal approach to photography and composition, this book teaches you how to turn what you see in your minds eye into a photograph that turns heads and draws the viewer in.


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About the book

Title: Creatively composed

Author: Tony Eveling

Composition isn’t just about the dry technical stuff. It’s about your emotional engagement with your surroundings and having moments of inspiration. It’s about the process of translating that moment of inspiration into a photograph that makes people who have never met you or have never been to that location want to look and linger and wonder at the photograph that you created.

What I try to do with this ebook is to communicate an organic and natural learning process, similar to my own self taught learning process but with reference to the standard rules of composition, which helps to provide a structure for the book.

I am still acutely aware of the mistakes I made when starting out, so I factor that knowledge into the tuition in this ebook, which will hopefully, help you to accelerate your own learning. In this book I explain my own personal picture making process, how I spot a composition, and then what I do to make sure that what I see in my minds eye is what I end up seeing on my computer screen back home.

I got into photography through backpacking around the world, it was quite some time after getting into photography that I actually read a book or magazine about the subject.

Not knowing all that book and magazine stuff helped my photography develop naturally and organically. It was slow, but it helped me nurture my own unique creativity.

Of course, now I have read the books and magazines, so I now know all about those rules and regulations! But for a long time I was using the rule of thirds before I knew that such a rule existed!

This ebook combines all of this collective knowledge and experience, written in an informal and friendly way with a wide variety of photographs with comprehensive explanations to demonstrate how I compose a photograph.

Approx 18,000 words

83 pages

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63 photos with EXIF and explanations

Photographs and words by Tony Eveling

PDF download: Filesize, 8.7Mb.

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Creatively Composed

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Note: This ebook is about composition only, it is not about how to expose a picture, what your camera buttons do or how to use Photoshop. I am however working on a number of video courses that will fill that particular gap.  Details will be included in my newsletters, along with some serious discount coupons!