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Visualization in photography

Visualization is an ability that we all have, learn how to use it to improve your photography.

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The art of composition

Want to create great photographs? Well, let me tell you just how critical this one element id to your photography

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Photographing the mundane

There is no such thing as a boring subject, but there is such a thing as poor composition. Don’t mix the two up. Now learn how to turn the ordinary into something beautiful. Only a photograph can do that.

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Traditional Landscape Photography and the sweeping vista

This post deconstructs the sweeping vista composition, so that you can perfect them too.

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What is the rule of thirds in photography and how does it work?

There has been so much stuff and nonsense about this rule. Now read the truth about why and how it works.

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Panoramic photography

With practice, you will be seeing compositions of all shapes and sizes. This is my process for taking captivating panoramic photography.

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