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Black and white conversion. Narrow countryland in the Devon Countryside,

I love taking photographs, and get a real sense of satisfaction when I create something I really like

I don't care what I take photos of, but as I love being outdoors, landscapes is what I've concentrated on for most of my photography life

Yacht sailing past Old Harry Rocks in Dorset, England, UK
Swanage Bay at dawn, Dorset

I enjoy colour photography as much as I love black and white photography, and for me the subject itself determines which way I go.

I am fascinated by composition, and it's composition that's at the heart of my photography.

Overpass road in the French town of Calais, France
Small yacht moored in Swanage Bay, Dorset,England, UK

Over the years I've read many  books and magazines as well as blog post after blog post...

But I found that the regurgitated rules that are repeated over and over, didn't actually help me improve my photography.

Sculpture and church in Hoxter Germany
Woman in underpass, Prague, Czech Republic

And I kept going back to the  intuitive techniques that I taught myself  on the road which consistently gave me results that worked, and allowed me to improve.

So, If you too feel you're struggling to get the results you want, then read on...

Curious, elderly man stops and poses for the camera, West Bengal, India
Narrow path at dawn in the Chiltern Hiulls, near Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, england, UK

Photography is much easier than some photographers  let on, and I know that anyone can take photographs that are inspiring, and draw the viewer in.


Architecture showcase

Small shop selling street food, West Bengal, India
Small shop selling street food, West Bengal, India

Travel showcase

Forests and trees showcase

Boats moored at low tide, Mersea Island, Essex, England, UK

Boats and harbours showcase

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