I don’t specialise in any one style of photography, but on my travels I come across all kinds of built structures.
I usually just take a photograph then and there, composing for the light conditions at the tme in an attempt to create something visually appealing.
Here are a selection of those images, with some words..

There are a number of fixed, pre-determined compositions that are very popular with photographers when shooting architecture. The long exposure, black and white square format low-angle photograph is very striking and they look very slick, especially as a series of photos.  But buildings with a certain character have their own uniqueness that can be best captured using a composition that is specific for the situation….

….So after you have captured that long exposure, how about something unique and specific for the building you are photographing?
The images that you see here have all been taken with that in mind…what does the building say to me…is it imposing,  is it a part of the wider landscape or does it have it’s own presence separate to that of its environment.

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