Travel photography, for me, is the wild card of photography. It is a spontaneous photography where you have to make up compositions very quickly to capture small everyday events in a village which may be fleeting.

More often than not you may be in unfamiliar surroundings for a very short period of time. You have no control over anything. Ultimately you have to think on your feet and think intuitively, as well as trying to engage with the local people….

This style of photography can be applied anywhere, like just outside your front door, or at your local shopping center, or on holiday on the other side of the world.

Shoot as a travel photographer in your own neighbourhood to see what kind of photos you end up with!

All of my photographs are really ‘travel’ photographs, because I had to travel in some capacity just to get there. But I think that most people separate urban or rural landscape photography from photographing people and places from around the world. The photos on this page are what I suppose I would call ‘traditional’ travel photographs, although all my photos are obtained in exactly the same way.

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