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Panoramic photography

These images are made from multiple images, stitched together to create the aspect ratio that you see

Black and white photography

When colour gets in the way, try converting to black and white.  After a while you will get a feel for what will work in Black and White…

Forests and trees

Forests offer a unique landscape.  You are not so interested with what is happening in the sky.  Plus there are limitless subjects to photograph…

Roads and tracks

One of the easiest landscape types that we all have immediate access to.  A good way to hone your compositional skills…Have a look at the gallery for some ideas…

Mountain photography

I am not a hard core mountain climber.  Hopefully these photos will give you some ideas that don’t involve camping in the freezing cold in the middle of winter…

Clouds and skies

In open landscapes, skies are a critical part of the composition.  Here are my compositions that I think demonstrate this.

Boats and Harbours

Harbours offer some of the most scenic and easy to access locations for landscape photographers.  Here is a display of creative compositions as well as the old classics too.

Architectural photography

Architectural landscapes are everywhere, and are great for honing those compositional skills.

People in the landscape

Travelling around the world gives you access to endless photo opportunities of people…

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