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I don’t specialise in any particular photography, I love photography and will photograph anything that I think will make a strong composition.

This is a collection of photographs where architecture forms an important part of the composition, there is no consistent processing style, like black and white or long exposure.

The compositions here suit the light conditions and subject matter that existed at the time the photograph was taken.

These photos demonstrate that architecture can be photographed in many ways. Look at the building and photograph the character of the building. What does it say to you, right there and then, when you take the photograph.

There is the ‘wow’ factor photography out there, that uses long exposure and shiny modern buildings….but don’t forget the grunge either!

Architecture comes in all shapes and sizes. I like to provide contrasts if I can.

These images have architectural elements that are offset against something else.

Canary Wharf in the background, out of focus behind barbed wire. Dover castle lit at night depicted small in the background, with a residential house depicted large in the foreground.

It’s good fun and interesting to spot near/far contrasts and then to depict that contrast in your photograph.

Architecture doesn’t have to dominate the view.

Depicting architecture as a small object in a larger environment will focus attention on it, so you study its outline and notice its unnaturalness in the wider landscape.

That in itself creates interest and curiosity from the viewer.

You don’t have to capture peoples attention with the spectacular, use architecture to drag the eye over and draw in the viewer.

Use architecture as a backdrop. Find a pattern or detail that catches your eye, plonk down a tripod and compose, then wait for people or cars to enter the scene.

People make a landscape – at least in my view they do – Whenever you see a lone figure on a beach, or a silhouette, your eye goes straight to it.

For me, I like to use that effect to enhance a landscape, whether rural or urban.

And that is what I have tried to do with the photos above.

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