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Fishing villages, boats and harbours provide rich pickings for photographers.

Harbours tell stories of their history through the boats old and new, and there is nothing more peaceful than a harbour at dawn or dusk.

This gallery contains a selection of images that I have collected on my travels around the UK and beyond.

There is something about boats on a beach. The ones that are alone that is. Some are abandoned and have histories, and some will be back in action tomorrow.

Beaches always have an atmosphere about them, probably because we know that people have been active there for thousands of years.

Simple portraits of boats capture some of those untold stories.

Boat and harbour scenes follow the same ‘rules’ of any other style of photography in that the light becomes a component of composition.

At least that’s how I view my photography. It means that when I get a moment of inspiration, I will work out a composition.

Only one of the photos above were taken in ‘traditional’ golden hour light. To me though, they all have their own character and tell their own stories. I would have hated to ignore one of these compositions just because of the time that the photo was taken.

There are a huge variety of compositions that can be taken around the subject of boats and harbours. Just tune in to the landscape and the objects that surround you and that variety will flood out in you own photographs.

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