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I am very often a cycle tourist, so I rarely climb or hike up mountains. These images are from mountain roads that I was able to cycle up. My mountain images are therefore not as extreme as that of a mountain climber…I am an ambler who trundles up big hills using roads, slow but relentless.

This gallery, therefore, contains a display of my fair-weather mountain escapades.

Gallery – mountains

I am not a mountain climber, in fact I am scared of heights…. so those precarious mountain ridges are out of the question for me.

But I do love mountain scenery, and hopefully these images capture the beauty of the places that I have passed through in order to get to the other side!

As always, composition is king. All the images on this page were taken in an ad-hoc fashion. I had no pre-planning, so I just took what the day provided, with the compositional skills that I possess.

Some of the compositions are closed – in other words, no sky – and that concentrates the eye on the subject, such as the small car on the road.

As is obvious with these images, scale is very important. Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand the enormity of the landscape in a 2 dimensional depiction 1000 pixels wide on a computer screen. The photographer has many compositional opportunities to correct this by carefully selecting certain elements to present in the frame.

Mountains provide great weather (as long as you are prepared of course), so clouds, sunrays are never far away in these landscapes

Placing small (relatively) objects in front of large objects (mountains) will always have impact.

And don’t forget the warm cosy sunsets either! they never look out of place.
The outline of a mountain ridge can also be very impressive, and can be used as a backdrop for other elements in the foreground.

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