photo gallery

I do a lot of cycletouring, and getting from A to B by bicycle is always my preferred means of transport…so I see a lot of roads!

And sometimes I’ll be passing a field, or climbing a hill, and from nowhere a composition will present itself. That composition will often feature the road that I am travelling on, and those photographs is what I display in this gallery.

Subway tunnel, Belgium
remote road in the Bulgarian countryside
A man carrying goods on a main road in West Bengal, India
Road towards Ivanjica, Serbia

These four photos were taken in unique locations.

Unique that is, in that I only take photos when I see or visualize a composition, so that means a combination of light,cloud, sky and the landscape itself

So, the landscape may not be spectacular, but as I am cycling on cycletouring trips, the landscapes just come into view.

Without the light or clouds present at that particular time at that specific location, there would not have been a suitable photograph. For these images, a hundred meters or so in either direction would mean no photo, at least for me that is.

Overpass road in the French town of Calais, France
Icicles hanging from an overhanging rock, Bosnia and Herzegovina
demircihalil, Turkey
Forest in the mountains in the Himalayas in Darjeeling District, India
Small town in winter in Croatia
Narrow Lane in essex, England, UK
Road sign and a passing bus, just south of Varna, on the coastal road. Bulgaria
Old car and motorbike in a street in the town of Ivanovo, Romania
Children going to school in the Himalayan town of Lava, Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India
Ambassador taxi in Kolkata, Wext Bengal, India
Narrow country lane, surrounded by trees and forest