photo gallery

I do a lot of cycletouring, and getting from A to B by bicycle is always my preferred means of transport…so I see a lot of roads!

And sometimes I’ll be passing a field, or climbing a hill, and from nowhere a composition will present itself. That composition will often feature the road that I am travelling on, and those photographs is what I display in this gallery.

Gallery – roads and tracks

These four photos were taken in unique locations.

Unique that is, in that I only take photos when I see or visualize a composition, so that means a combination of light,cloud, sky and the landscape itself

So, the landscape may not be spectacular, but as I am cycling on cycletouring trips, the landscapes just come into view.

Without the light or clouds present at that particular time at that specific location, there would not have been a suitable photograph. For these images, a hundred meters or so in either direction would mean no photo, at least for me that is.