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The traditional sweeping vista is often a depiction of an entire landscape from near to far.

The forest however, is very different…. The subject surrounds the photographer at close range as well as filling the sky.

That is the forest’s beauty. It provides the creative photographer a chance to flex those compositional skills!

Forest in winter, Croatia
Forest in winter, Croatia

Photographs don’t have to be of spectacular things at spectacular times in order to be viewable and enjoyable. And the fun and enjoyment in taking them is no different either.

Photography is about seeing compositions rather than seeing light. The eight images above show off patterns in trees and groups of trees, and they depict single trees.

Scenes that you can walk past in Autumn or Spring without noticing may really stand out in winter, or when there is snow on the ground. Othertimes the opposite may be true.

So getting to know a place, especially near to where you live will allow you to get to know a place slowly over time.

Some of these winter compositions that gave me that ‘moment of inspiration‘. That means that I felt compelled to take the photo.  However, in summer, these same compositions do not inspire me at all.

For other images in the above snowy scenes, I love to take as the seasons change, as they look great at all times of the year.

If you read my posts on this website, you will know that I love composition, and it is composition that drives my photography.

The images above are all multiple image stitched photographs, and while they are all very large reolution photographs, that is not the reason why I take them this way.

I hate cropping images, and I try to avoid it. And one of the most satisfying things for me in photography is seeing a composition at the time, and successfully capturing it.

That means the shape of a photo isn’t always square or 4×3 or 5×4 in format, at least, that’s what it’s like to my eye. Digital photography allows me to capture what I see in my mind’s eye without having to crop back home on the computer

English country lanes are great for photographing trees. There is a mash of single lanes that connect every village, town and city, and every now and then a composition opens up brfore your eyes.

Converting these to black and white help to concentrate the viewers eye onto the trees, or the patterns made by the trees.

These square format compositions were created from multiple image stitch photos with a Nik Software Analog Pro filter added.

It was just a bit of fun really, to see what I would get…and actually I quite like them, so here they are!

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