A little beach for going fishing…..

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Fishing boats moored on the beach at the town of Beer in Devon, England, UK
Fishing boats moored on the beach at the town of Beer in Devon, England, UK

This beach caters for both the fishing community and tourists alike. The name is nothing to do with the drink, but an historical name that refers to a local forest…or something like that…I’m not an historian….

I liked all the little details, the zig zag line of fishing stuff, from the winches in the foreground, to the fishing boast lined up in the far distance

It’s nice to look at the image full size as you can have a peep around in the boxes and lobster catching cases and things…it’s quite interesting…I think!

  • Great composition. Perfect rules of third illustration ! Nice mood in this picture. Like it !

  • Great shot of working fishermen and their world, you packed a lot of info and detail in here, beautifully done.

  • It seems all very orderly and looks efficient in a workmanship manner. Nice perspective on the scene.

  • I like all the color and activity of the beach and launching area. Very attractive image.

  • From this perspective it looks like a miniature world! The colours of all the details are so happy and there’s so much to see.
    Great framing!

  • impressive composition with strong leading lines down to the sea! i very much like the orderliness on this beach … perfect for the fishermen, probably not so for the bathers … 😉

  • It is very beautiful, shooting and developing are very wells for my taste. The colors are perfectly transmitted to make pleasant the entire scene 😉

  • A beautiful beach on this organization! here reassures the professional side

  • Fantastic scenery, nice composition, a beautiful image…

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