The complicated life of trees

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Epping forest, Essex, England, UK
Epping forest, Essex, England, UK

I titled this the way I did because when you see this full view, the trees are all shapes and sizes, broken, angles, funny shapes, you name it…and I thought that if you could take a photo a day for the last 300 years from this position, and then play the images back as a film, there would be one hell of a lot of tree shenanigans to create a composition like this!

I was disappointed with this image as colour, but sort of like it as black and white…a little bit wonky perhaps…but an okay photograph of trees.

This is a multiple stitched image, because what I saw didn’t fit into my cameras rectangle, and I like to take what is in my minds eye, rather than what is in my cameras eye…plus this is now a super high resolution image…it could fill a wall! (for what purpose I do not know!). Also I like the fun of not knowing exactly what you have until you get back home….

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