Blue dawn

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Dawn over the beaches at Littlehampton, West Sussex
Dawn over the beaches at Littlehampton, West Sussex

I don’t know why images have a certain colour when others taken at a similar time don’t…maybe it’s a dodgy in camera white balance thing, but all I did with this image was increase the contrast, and the yellow and blue intensified. So I left it there, I didn’t want to dull it down. Five minutes later and the blue may be replaced with a red hue or an orange hue….All picked up by the sensor for us to do with what we want….and when nature gives you something for free…I say go with it, use it and enhance it!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Tony. It’s often a matter of unanticipated luck that the colours turn out beyond our expectations…the skill of course is creating the framework to hang the colours on. Like this one.

  • Les couleurs sont vraiment douces, le dégradé de bleu aussi… Belle photo !

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