Boarded up window, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Black and white photograph depicting Detail shot of a broken window.  Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Detail shot of a broken window. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When I wander around a place, I am not necessarily looking for photographs.  I do know though, that every now and then something will draw my attention to something.  It will just be a feeling, a gut instinct, and I know that it’s time to take a photograph.

When I have that moment, I stop and work out what that gut feeling was, and then I compose the photo.

The photo, the scene, doesn’t have to be a drop dead gorgeous landscape scene.  As you can see, this photo is a visually striking depiction of something we all hardly notice.

The ‘problem’ with a photograph like this is that when you get back to your computer, or check out your compositions on your phone…that initial ‘moment of inspiration’ has gone, and you are already forgetting what inspired you to take the photo in the first place.

The default post processing that is applied automatically to every digital photo that you take, rarely gets the very best out of an image.  Looking at this image in its original digital state was not inspiring in any way.

Anyway, after all of that…I looked at this image and asked myself the question, ‘what is it that makes this photograph good?’, and for me it is the graphic shapes and textures.   

So I post processed this photograph in order to bring out and show off the graphic shapes and textures.  That also meant removing the colour, as that wasn’t what inspired me to take the photo.

And so I ended up with this photograph, post processed as you see it here. 

Knowing what type of post processing is required for a photograph is hard wired to initial moment that you took the photo, and then you need the skills to  carry out that post processing.

So I am happy with the way this image turned out.  It might be a mundane subject, but it is also now visually striking and makes the viewer want to look and linger for a while.

What do you think?  I’d love to read your thoughts on this below…thanks for looking and reading and commenting!

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