Icicles in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Icicles hanging from an overhanging rock, Bosnia and Herzegovina

These photos are from a cycling trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I dug these out of my archive for the Coolphotoblog theme of sharp!

Temparatures in East Europe fall constantly during winter so that these icicles have many months to form. Many of them are over a meter long and form amazing shapes.

The great thing about cycling is that no matter how cold it gets, as soon as you get to a small town or village, there is a cafe that has the heating full on, full of friendly people slightly confused as to why a cycletourist chooses winter to go cycletouring.

  • I would have felt pretty nervous with those Damoclean swords hanging above me. That’s quite a road! Nice shots.

  • “why a cycletourist chooses winter to go cycle touring” – certainly the first question that sparing to my mind!
    You’ve really captured a fabulously cold mood with these two.

  • Great captures, but would not want to be on that road during the spring thaw. I’ve had icicles release themselves onto my vehicle as I was passing under a railroad bridge one day. They definitely do some damage!

    Beautiful scenery in your image on the right.

    • Thankyou! Yes, even I was a little apprehensive standing underneath those icicles…. It was well below freezing, but the thought of one of them dislodging was a scary one!

  • Eye-catching icicle formations! I love the PoV in the first shot as they appear to radiate, and in the second shot it gives a great sense of scale with the vehicles that pass by.

    • Thanks for the comment!! I got lucky with those cars passing each other at the same time. There wasn’t much traffic around.

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