Bournemouth Pier

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Bournemouth Pier, Dorset, England,UK
Bournemouth Pier, Dorset, England,UK

Bournemouth Pier early on a Saturday morning, early summer before the masses arrive! I couldn’t resist those lines on the sandy boardwalk.

I really like these structures mainly because people love them so much. They are quite difficult to make money from, and cost a lot of money to maintain. Without the love of the people I think many would just be shut down or knocked down. Even the rundown ones are left alone in the hope that someone will one day come along and save it. This pier has and is undergoing significant changes in order to squeeze some profit out of it…but it’s still there, and in many ways it is still going strong.

As far as processing goes, I added a curve preset in Pshop because I found the original colours a little distracting, the curve preset just evened out the differences a bit.

  • well constructed shot. the processing works very well for me

  • love the color processing – how did you get that metallic effect ?

  • I love this picture. First of its composition, rendering structures and of course the colors (this pair of gray and blue) that are beautiful !

  • Great leading lines. Even the ones in the sky, that move the other way.
    And the processing is just great.

    • Hello! I used a 30mm for this, so not too wide. I could hsve chosen a 20mm or 14mm but stuck with this as it was already on the camera!! I think the 14mm would have made the floor directly in front of my feet a bit too big in the frame and prominent for the composition that I wanted.

  • Un cadrage splendide et une perspective de toute beauté. Great composition. Bonne journée.

  • Juste magnifique cette photo!!!5***** j’adore la perspective et le traitement!

  • Fabulous – love the perspective and composition. Your processing gives the image a vintage feel. Nicely done!

  • Elaine Hancock says:

    Beautiful image. I love how the lines on the boardwalk leads the eye forward. The tone is just beautiful!

  • An excellent PoV captured here which adds incredible depth to this composition!! Great leading lines as well.

  • Well chosen point of view in this shot – your tone-on-tone color palette suits it perfectly!

  • I’ve never considered Bournemouth Pier to be very attractive but this shots shows that I’m wrong. I remember going to the theatre at the end of the pier to see a show starring Lionel Blair! I think he was as old as the pier 🙂

    • Ha ha!! Yes Bournemouth pier has been around a while, although I think the theatre is in the process shutting down unfortunately.

  • Excellent composition and very nice perspective.
    The tones are sublime

  • Hi!
    I like the composition of this shot, with all this lines, and the colors (grey and blue). It ‘s give à feeling of sadness…(i don’t know why??)
    It ‘s really beautiful! (sorry for my bas english!)

    • I think the cool tones emphasise the emptyness of the pier, and all that ruffled sand on the floor is from yesterdays feet!! Piers are designed to be full of people having fun, so maybe all those things together may invoke a feeling of sadness…..but fear not!! An hour or so after taking this photo, the people were back having fun!

  • Hello Tony!
    This is my first visit to your site and i and pleased that i did.
    I like old piers they are the heart of shoreline communities… i like your treatment it blends in the colours very well….peter:)

  • This fine shot has very impressive perspective lines. An exceptionally good image!

  • Fantastique perspective avec les lignes du sol. Splendides couleurs aussi.

  • this is a terrific perspective! those boards of course are very inviting for such a take.
    i agree with you on the charm of piers and find it sad if and when they are left to decay … what fun it must have been to see and experience them in their heyday 😉

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