Bratislava castle at night.

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Bratislava castle at night, Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava castle at night, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia

This castle is situated on high ground and can be seen from many miles around, although I am in the grounds in the freezing cold winter air with freezing fingers and catching a cold.

I waited ages for someone to walk past so that their shadow was cast huge against the castle wall, but you can only wait so long in the cold.

  • very impressive image, you certainly do suffer for your art…

    • Ha ha! Thanks…! I was wrapped up warm! And the funny thing is I never seem to get cold when I’m actually taking photos….it’s just if I have to hang around too long standing still that the cold starts to creep in….

  • It does look cold. The light is unusual and dramatic. The tree adds a nice touch.

  • very effective angle and perspective in this superbly sharp image! the night colours are most appealing !!!

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