Church at night time?

Church in Hertfordshire

I was cycling along countrylanes in Hertfordshire and came to Ware, a small market town and snapped this church.

And what I liked at the time about the church was the texture and detail in the stone and the graphic shapes in the architecture.

What I didn’t like in my photo was the dullness and how the striking aspects of the composition were minimised by the flat light.

So what I wanted to do was to convert the image to black and white.  What that would allow me to do was to draw attention to certain aspects of the composition using dodge and burn techniques in either Photoshop or Lightroom.

Instead what I decided to do was to convert the image from day to night, just to see what it looked like.  And I really like this version.

I wanted to show off the the architectural details against the sky and this conversion allowed me to do that whilst removing a lot of the texture detail that I felt distracted attention from those aspects.

I could just remove the colour and call it a straight black and white conversion, but this blue and yellow combination looks really good to me, and really suits the composition too.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment!

Also here is the before version and the after version so that you can judge for yourself…

  • this is beautiful..There is a mood here that is connected to mystery…Amazing shot..but honestly I would not venture in there…in the dead of night..Of course it is the House of God..I should have no fears :)))

    • Tony Eveling says:

      Thankyou for your comment! I am glad you like the image. I agree that from this angle the church does look a little imposing, and I hadn’t really noticed that before.

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