Church, Hertfordshire, UK

Church at Ware, Hertfordshire, UK
Church at Ware, Hertfordshire, UK

Yesterday I posted a photograph of this church and converted it into a night shot in order to bring out the details of the architecture.

But with this composition, I much preferred this warming up effect which gives the church a much more rustic village feel to it.

Most of my images only require minimum post processing, but I take photos at all times of day, and I’m not put off by being in the right place at the ‘wrong’ time….I will always try to take the correct composition for the scene that I am photographing.

That’s why I wanted that tree creeping into the frame on the top left side of the composition, as it provides a little context to the photo.  Now you have the path leading to the entrance of the church, surrounded by trees, both in the distance, and in front of the church.

The only thing was, that this photo was taken in the morning where the light just didn’t quite add enough atmosphere, and that is where Lightroom comes in…

Below is the before and after versions of the image so that you can see what I did…

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