A cold night in winter…

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Plughed fields under snow in wintertime, Slovenia

Another day, another cycling trip. This was a spot I found to pitch my tent in between a couple of fields where I was sheltered by trees.

In this photograph I am just inside the Slovakia border, and I stopped because the road network took a turn for the worst (suddenly got busy and complicated), and as I was so close to the Hungary border, and as it was getting late…and as it was really, really cold….I decided to call it a day and struggle through the complicated road network with a fresh head and renewed enthusiasm after a good nights sleep…

Anyway, needless to say I survived!!

  • Looks cold and no spring in sight!? But a nice and smooth weather situation seems to compensate the frost.

    • Yes, spring always seems so far away, but there are always so many photo possibilities wherever you are and whatever the time of year! Thanks for your comment too….much appreciated.

  • ledrakenoir says:

    Fascinating… 🙂

  • Hello Tony
    I like a lot in the morning that light and wispy side! a beautiful view to the village! good week

    • Thankyou very much… sorry I’m a bit late in replying…This is an evening shot but the air is so cold I suppose the mist never really goes away!! I agree the village looks very picturesque…

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