Corfe Castle at dawn

Corfe castle in silhouette, early morning. Dorset, England, UK

Long time, no post!

But I will start to put that right from now on…in fact, I’ll probably bore you silly!!

Here’s a photo taken in May, of Corfe Castle in Dorset silhouetted against a dawn sky.

I’ve never been at Corfe castle when it’s been misty, so I have never been able to take one of those wow factor photos of the castle on a misty morning.

So, as I wandered around aimlessly, dreaming of mist and missed opportunities, I popped my head over a gate and saw a rather stumpy looking castle ruin against the dawn sky.

I wrote it off at the time as I could only see mist in my minds eye….but looking at it with fresh eyes, I like it more now than I did then. And with a little polish in post processing, the dawn sky lights up very nicely….

  • Sillhouette small but big sky! a very beautiful light that you fixed! good week

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