Cow on the beach, Gambia, west Africa

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Cow on the beach, Gambia, West Africa

This is an old photograph from a two week cycling trip to The Gambia. I was on my way back to Banjul and was walking and cycling along the beach, using it as a main road. I had noticed how the locally owned cattle would stroll down to the beach and sunbathe and go for walks along the beach! They would stroll along the shoreline and occasionally stop, like this one.

And the one you can see in this picture had stopped I think because of me, and I thought it looked a little surreal, just standing there.

Anyway, I posted this today for the Photofriday challenge which is a fun thing to do and today the subject is ‘beasts’. There is a link to photofriday in my footer, so you can go and partake and have a look if you feel inclined, and there is a load of really good photographers over there to explore too.

  • That poor, skinny cow looks almost unreal in the middle of the beach. Great and very impressive capture!

    • Thanks! It does look a bit skinny! Although it did have the run of the place, the cattle would just roam around freely. I thought it was funny that they did lounge around on the beach, just like us!

  • Beautiful composition, very original! she thalassotherapy;-)
    I hope that she will find pasture!

    • I think they like the sound of the sea, and the waves crashing over their hooves!! Thanks for the comment!

  • Elleplate says:

    Yes very surreal! But a great shot

  • Splendide cliché, superbe premier plan. Le bleu de la mer et du ciel se marient superbement.

  • yes, definitely surreal. but i guess in a way it also makes sense that humans aren’t the only ones who would enjoy the beach 🙂

  • Yes, it definitely *has* a surreal feeling – and for that I like it very much!

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