Cycling along a footpath along the River Lea

Tow path running alongside the River Lea, Hertfordshire, UK
Tow path running alongside the River Lea, Hertfordshire, UK

Another peaceful scene on the River Lea in Hertfordshire, UK

This is a really simple composition, and that very simple composition along with the post processing in Lightroom, really brings out the spring warmth and peacefulness of the scene.

There is a really nice sense of freedom when you get on a bike and just amble around the countryside for no other reason than to enjoy the outdoors.  There is no need to always go to the top of the highest mountain to get a photograph that you enjoy taking.

Taking photos in winter and spring is very different to taking photos in the summer and autumn, as the leaves on the trees and the colours completely change a scene as the seasons trundle on throughout the year.   Also the weather plays a huge part too, so it’s always a good idea to think spontaneously from a compositional point of view when out and about taking photographs.

Anyway, below I have provided before and after versions of the image so that you can see the effect of the post processing on the image.

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