Durdle Door, Dorset

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Durdle Door, natural rock formation along the Dorset coast, England, UK
Durdle Door, natural rock formation along the Dorset coast, England, UK

I drew Durdle Door as a child in a Geography lesson…and I think a good few million other schoolchildren have drawn Durdle Door at some point in their Geography or Geology lessons. I think this may be the first time I have ever been there though…So it almost had a ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ feel to it…although I wasn’t drawn to it psychically by aliens after building a giant model of it in my living room…but merely from the memories of drawing it at school. It’s a bit like meeting a geological superstar!

But it was cloudy and dull when I went so no wow factor sunset for me…And it was windy, really windy. But I got a few shots. Anyway, that’s what happens when you turn up unnanounced!

  • Beautiful composition whit the cold tones contrasting with the sand and vegetation.
    Great capture!

  • Marvelous coast, seascape
    Wonderful colors, sahpes, PoV:)

  • fine shot. love the atmosphere captured here. great spot

  • This is an awesome coastal shot, Tony! I especially like the dramatic cloudscape and gloomy mood which fits well to the scenery.

  • might also look great in B&W ? (helps with dull light 😉 ) nice one nevertheless !

  • Wonderful long exposure , the metallic effect is great ! I like this view , Phil

  • Hi Tony, well if the conditions were trying you certainly triumphed, great shot!.

  • Stunning scenery that you’ve captured along the shoreline with beautiful color!! I love the “smooth as glass” look of the water.

  • Fantastic shot! Love the composition. I have to visit the jurassic coast!

  • Elaine Hancock says:

    The coastline is just gorgeous. Fanastic perspective. The colors are just beautiful. I love the ocean and the clouds. Fabulous image! Even for a cloudy, windy day, this turned out fantastic!

  • Stunning colour in the water and the sky. Great photo of this amazing natural sculpture.

  • Un superbe cadrage!!!! j’adore cette photo avec ce ciel plombé!!! bravo à toi! 5*****

  • Looks pretty deserted when you arrived. I was at the same spot over a year ago and there were quite a number of people on the pebble-beach. I like the post-processed colours and the long-exposure effect on the water.

  • a masterpiece if ever i’ve seen one …
    i visited this iconic and spectacular place two years ago, and in your superb image it’s even more fascinating than it was then!

  • Superbe panorama !Beautiful definition picture and raised in shades

  • It all looks so surreal…. you’ve really taken in a wide area here which makes for an outstanding photo! The colors are fabulous! We have something similar to this in the Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine region of eastern Quebec and Perce Rock. So beautiful!

  • Great shot of Durdle door, I was there myself for the first time last weekend, maybe that was you I saw with the tri-pod and camera on the beach…anyway, i’ll be posting my pics of the visit on my blog soon so maybe have a look and see what I think

  • Ha – I used to live in dorset when I was 11-13 y.o. so we had this on our doorstep – The coastline of Dorset is ubiquitous with geography and many field trips where had to some of the British stars of the geology world – Chesil Beach, Lulworth Cove, Durdle door and the Jurassic coast to name but a few. Of course at the time one was more interested in what Mum had put in our packed lunches!

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