Dusk turns to night….

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

These images were taken half hour apart from each other…

Taken in winter during a cycle touring trip. When I took the first, sunset image, I was desperately looking for a place to camp for the night. I was somewhere between Brno and Prague, and – especially during short winter days – I just keep cycling until dusk arrives and then I look for a placeto rest my weary head!

So, in the first, the signpost is on a narrow side road along which I found two fields separated by woodland. And in the second image, this is the first thing that I did after setting up my tent. I had no idea about the position of the moon, so this was a pleasant surprise.

From a processing point of view, the dusk/sunset image is just a tweak of the contrast/brightness slider, and the moon picture has been processed via Nik softwares HDR software, which helped to bring out some of that detail in the treeline that is set against the dark blue sky

I entered this for this weeks Photofriday challenge (link in footer) under the topic of ‘obsession’. Maybe that is a tenuous link, as I wouldn’t say that I am obsessive about anything….but I do love cycletouring….which is what I am doing here….without which, I’d have no photographs!

  • A perfect pair, Tony. Cycling obviously for you gives just the right speed to discover things worth picturing. For me it’s sometimes too fast – when cycling I am often too reluctant to stop as I want to cover a distance and “be there”, which probably makes me miss occasions. But car is definitely worse.

  • Beautiful environments for are two photos! hot and cold colors

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