Epping Forest in winter

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK

I took this about a year ago during last years snow. Luckily – touch wood – there has been no snow so far this winter…However nice snow looks, I don’t like the disruption. Anyway, this image was taken just off of a main footpath in the forest…a place that I’ve walked and cycled past many times, but it’s never stood out, until it snowed.

This is a multi image photograph stitched together using Hugin software. The angle between the bottom of the frame and the top is huge, but Hugin has a number of ‘projections’ and can flatten everything out so the whole thing looks straight and flat. But at the top of the image my camera is pointing, not quite straight up, but not far off. It was the only way to capture the scene. I couldn’t have taken this (I don’t think), with a single lens.

    • Thanks, Steve..! It’s an amazing forest considering it’s southern edge is actually inside London. And the history of the forest can be seen in the trees.

  • That looks perfect, Tony – you made best use of the snow’s outlining character and of hugin’s capabilities.

    • Thanks very much!! I love Hugin for stitching photos, although I don’t do 360 degree photos, it has never let me down with stitching my images together….and it’s free!!

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