Engulfed by nature

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK
Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK

This composition really struck me, with the wonderful summer greens and the dark tree trunks and branches making those lovely patterns. And if you look close enough, you will see a cyclist in there somewhere too! I thought it would provide scale.

This is a huge resolution multiple stitched image, although I did that mainly because I like to get the composition right in camera, rather than crop in the computer back home. Also, when I take a multiple image photograph, I can fine tune the composition on the computer so that I can re-create as near as possible what I originally saw in my minds eye, without compromising resolution.

  • Love that colour! Looks like a really amazing place too.

  • Gorgeous landscape! I love the different shades of green with brilliant contrast. 🙂

  • So nice mood
    Great lighting in the woods, green colors, perspectives, textures:)

  • Yes, the sense of scale is emphasised by the cyclist, very good including them there… great, all-encompassing nature!

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