Honeybag Tor at dusk

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Two photos taken within a few minutes, quite similar, so I put them up together. These were taken in Dartmoor national park, Devon.

There is a whole row of Tors along this ridge where in the valley below can be seen the village of Widecombe-in-the-moor. This was the final Tor in the row and I got there just as the Sun went down. Then I had a two hour walk back to my tent where I was camping!

I had to do this in the dark and it wasn’t easy. I did have a GPS unit but for some reason it went haywire and I kept going round in circles, repeatedly ending up at the same corner of a dry stone wall. It was all very Blair Witch!! But I made it in the end. So everything was Okay!

You can click on each image for a larger version

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