Under gloomy skies

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

View across tp Hurst Spit in Hampshire, UK
View across tp Hurst Spit in Hampshire, UK

This is a view across saltmarshes to Hurst spit which can be seen dead center across the image. It’s easy to get a sense of history in an environment like this, even though it’s a fairly featureless landscape, not much has changed over the centuries, and walking around the spit looking for photographs you see chunks of history dotted around amongst the saltmarshes and shingle.

It was a little bit windy and a little bit gloomy. Although I like a bit of gloom just as much as I like a bit of dawn or dusk sunlight, I don’t know why, but I do!! Well actually, if truth be told I don’t see it as gloom at all, I see it as erm, interesting. And I have never been convinced there is such thing as gloomy weather, just interesting. But, gloomy… I am not so sure….

Photography wise, I just used a couple of ND grad filters, slightly more than needed to darken that steely gray sky, then tweaked in photoshop to get the top half a similar darkness/lightness to the bottom half, to even things up a bit. That allowed detail from the cloud to be seen, and sort of balanced the composition. At least that was the idea.

  • Wonderful landscape with beautiful colors and light. Very good photo job here.

  • Un très beau paysage, on dirait une pose longue…

  • I agree with you, Tony, that this is not gloomy at all. Great atmosphere in this beautifully crafted image!

  • Super colour and light here – love the flock of birds taking to flight in the distance.

  • Beautiful… Stark. You have inspired me to think to use filters.

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